About Us

Small Town Service with Cutting-Edge Connection Speeds

Who says you need to live in a big city to enjoy the best in internet and phone? As a 4th generation family-owned business with a buy-and-hold strategy, we are fiercely committed to the long-term success of our business. And that means bringing the latest technologies right here to your hometown.

Because we’ve been innovating for more than 75 years, we’re much more than a traditional phone company. We’re a full-service entertainment provider. Twin Valley customers expect small-town service with the cutting-edge connection speeds of the most connected cities. You can tap into the larger world, with the most reliable connections, delivered at blazing speeds.


Although the early history of many telephone exchanges is hard to locate, one safe guess is that around 1900, any little community with a store, rail depot, or school, purchased telephones and tied those locations together to start a telephone company.

In 1947, Joe and Mildred Foster purchased what was then called The Miltonvale Telephone Company. Ten years later on February 27, 1957, Greenleaf Telephone was acquired and the two companies became Twin Valley Telephone. Incorporators of TVT were John G., Joe, and Lulu Foster.

Back then, our focus was delivering exceptional telephone service so that small communities could thrive. While the technologies and services we offer have changed dramatically since then, we remain focused on solving business challenges, accelerating innovation, and positively impacting the lives we touch for generations to come.

The years have brought many changes to TVT – both through acquisitions and new technology. In February 2006, Twin Valley completed the acquisition and fiber buildout of 13 new exchanges, with a customer base that grew from 2,000 over an 850 square-mile radius to 6,600 customers over a 2,400 square-mile radius.

In 2008, Twin Valley took on another large fiber to the home project in Clay Center. The company became a CLEC in Clay Center that provides telephone, digital TV, and internet.

In 2021, Twin Valley acquired Southern Kansas Telephone Company (SKT), bringing together the two largest family-owned telecommunications companies in Kansas. 

Today, we serve 11,000 broadband customers and are expanding fiber to an additional 9,000 passings as part of our strategy to serve 20,000 broadband customers by 2024. We have big goals – we hope you’ll join us for the ride!


We’re more than a company. We’re an active part of the communities we serve. Helping our community matters to us, whether that’s providing cutting-edge telecommunications and entertainment to our customers or working hard to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

Twin Valley has been involved with and made contributions to many worthwhile local events and charities—both inside and outside of its exchanges. The board and employees are active in local communities and organizations, giving their own time to be involved in many local organizations.

The combined efforts of Twin Valley’s generous support and its community-oriented employees allow Twin Valley to be involved in a wide variety of organizations. Our customers are more than a name or number to us. They’re our neighbors. We live in the communities we serve across the region—and more than that, we get involved. Our kids go to school together. We see our customers at church, the grocery store, and everywhere in between.