Business Sales Manager

Twin Valley is looking for a passionate business sales leader to accelerate our organizational growth and customer loyalty.  As business sales manager, you will have ownership of developing a high-performing sales team focused on unlocking the possibilities within our client’s businesses by teaching and educating how our core set of technology solutions can help them grow, cut costs and/or increase efficiencies. That technology starts with the fastest Internet connectivity in the nation, fiber connectivity to the world, and layers in a core set of business offerings that help our customers focus on their customers and business.


Final location will be based upon being able to serve Twin Valley and Southern Kansas serving areas, including Clay Center, Manhattan, Junction City, Wichita, and Clearwater, KS.

What a leader of Twin Valley Sales Professionals should bring: 

You are a team first leader who leads by example and knows how to have fun in a professional environment. You embrace change and have the resiliency required to continually improve yourself and the team around you. As part of a values led organization, not only do you embody and align with our core values, you develop and build teams that do the same, ensuring we have the right people to fuel our growth.

You can effectively communicate the roles and responsibilities of your team to help set clear expectations, allowing you to continually assess that your team members are in the right seats, are bought-in, and have the passion to consistently win.

You appreciate the power and efficiency of consistency in the “ways” we operate. You believe sales is a team sport and most effectively orchestrated around a set of core processes which are navigated through a consistent sales methodology.

You’re a coach first, you appreciate that practicing the craft with the team as opposed to practicing on clients is critical, and enjoy gamifying things like role-playing, call blitzes, pitch contests, win rates, etc. As a coach you focus on enhancing your team’s capabilities to navigate the tools and resources provided by the company, and source additional tools when appropriate.

You appreciate the fact that everyone has a number and build teams who have native accountability to their numbers. Those numbers range from weekly activities to annual revenue and profit attainment.

You have experience with marketing automation and sales enablement tools and know how to coach a sales professional to utilize the tools to increase conversion rates. You appreciate that while there are different roles between marketing and sales, they operate as a fully integrated team to help our clients through the buyer’s journey.

You have experience in partnering with marketing and sales professionals to define the core set of pain points most common amongst target clients that a set of core solutions solves for. You can coach sales professionals through a defined sales methodology to discover and prioritize those pain points and develop the talk tracks to articulate how your solutions can solve those pain points and add value for the client.

You can effectively conduct forecast and pipeline reviews to validate maturity of deals, identify where deals may be stuck, and assist in moving deals through the pipeline.

You help your team execute at a high-level focused on ensuring your team understands and knows how to consistently navigate the tools and resources available within the company to achieve success.

You get energy working and communicating with your team on a daily basis, understanding the conversations and collaborations are key to winning the week and the future.

The leader of the sales professionals will successfully fulfill the following essential duties and responsibilities:

You will provide STRATEGIC OVERSITE to the sales function by:

Developing and executing plans and strategies to achieve sales goals

Overseeing incentive programs that motivate the sales team to achieve their sales targets

Establish infrastructure and systems to support the success of the sales function

Monitor customer, market and competitor activity and influence organizational responses

Participate in and lead QBR’s, developing methodologies to ensure cross sell and upsell, and maximize customer retention

Provide detailed and accurate sales forecasting

You will utilize your ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS to efficiently:

Manage quotas, pipelines and sales account activity for area sales representatives

Ensure sales activity is properly documented in company’s CRM

Compile information and data related to customer and prospect interactions

You will use your PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS to inspire and coach your team: 

Coordinate on-boarding and sales training programs that enable staff to achieve their potential and support sales objectives

Coach team on, and participate in, prospecting best practices: calls, emails, social media, etc.

Assist and track team’s ability and adherence to documenting needs analysis’

Exceed customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction

You will utilize your SALES ACUMEN to drive sales by directly participating in the sales process through:

Managing assigned accounts directly to lead by example

Managing key customer relationships and participate in closing strategic opportunities

Attending meetings with customers and partners and developing key relationships

Leading negotiation with key clients, looking for appropriate “give-get” and “win – win”

Presenting the value of both operational and technical assessments of customer’s environment

You will use your COLLABORATIVE SKILLS to:

Work closely with marketing team to develop customer demand and lead generation

Develop positive relationships with co-workers, vendors, clients and prospects

Keep current on vendor programs and pricing to ensure appropriate pricing

Support the company by completing other duties as assigned

As a successful sales leader, you will demonstrate the following professional skills as you carry out your leadership position:

Oral Communications – Speak clearly and persuasively in positive and negative situations; respond well to questions; demonstrate group presentation skills and participate in meetings.

Written Communications – Write clearly and informatively, edit work for spelling and grammar; present numerical and statistical data effectively and is read and interpret written information.

Customer Service – Respond promptly and courteously to customers’ requests for service and assistance; manage difficult or emotional customer situations.

Presentation – Deliver business, non-technical, and limited-technical presentations to audiences of 20-150 individuals.

Leadership – Lead people and get results through others in a positive and inspiring manner.

Management – Organize and manage multiple priorities.               

Ethics – Treat people with respect; keep commitments; inspire the trust of others; work with integrity and ethically; upholds company values.

Organizational Support – Follow company policies and procedures.

Judgment – Include appropriate people in decision-making process.

Interpersonal Skills – Maintain confidentiality; keep emotions under control; listen well.

Strategic Thinking – Develop strategies to achieve organizational goals; analyze market and competition; identifies external threats and opportunities and adapts strategy to changing conditions.

Planning and organization – Prioritize and plan work activities; use time efficiently; plan for additional resources; set goals and objectives; organize or schedule other people and their tasks.

Professionalism – Approach others in a tactful manner; react well under pressure; treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accept responsibility for own actions; follow through on commitments. 

Adaptability – Adapt to changes in the work environment; manage competing demands; deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.

Detail & Task Oriented – Manage and follow through on multiple tasks, items and communications in a timely manner.

You will meet the following educational and work experience requirements:  

Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

Preferably have 3-5 years of successful sales management experience

Preferably have experience successfully developing and building a sales management business function

Have excellent relationship-building skills

Have national or regional sales leadership experience, preferably with a technology firm

Have experience and working competence in computer skills including CRM software, internet software; spreadsheet software; word processing software; virtual meeting software, email and communications software

Able to travel throughout Twin Valley locations 

Have a proven track record of successfully selling advanced technology solutions.


Humor & Fun

We believe it’s important to take time outside of work to spend time with family and keep the wind in our sails.

We collaborate and value sharing our unique perspectives.

We’re inclusive and create activities that align with people’s interests and passions.


We pride ourselves in meeting high-pressure challenges

We never quit and demonstrate the ability to see daunting assignments through … successfully.

Lead by Example

We demonstrate courage in having crucial (and sometimes “tough”) conversations.

We are reliable and highly accountable in our use of systems and tools.

Continuous Improvement

We’re creative thinkers who can adapt to evolving situations.

We’re humbly confident, know our stuff, are willing to coach and be coached.

We’re willing to make “healthy” self-sacrifices for the greater good.

“Team First” Initiative

We are pro-active and stay on top of training and certifications.

We willingly take on more responsibility if we see a need and can assist.

We view individual accountabilities as representing the whole team.

We offer a choice of high value medical, dental and vision plans.  Twin Valley’s financial benefits include a generous 401K retirement plan. Twin Valley offers many other benefits and perks ranging from wellbeing initiatives, employee discounts, and community charity support to just name a few. 

Cover letters and resume can be sent to Twin Valley Telephone, Inc., P O Box 395, Miltonvale, KS 67466 Attn: Ashley Woodworth or email .  Resumes accepted until position is filled. 

Twin Valley Telephone is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origins, citizenship, sex, veteran’s status, age or disability.

Employment Interest

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