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Take Your Business’s Tech to the Next Level

We began in 1947 when Joe and Mildred Foster founded Twin Valley Telephone. Back then, our focus was delivering exceptional telephone service – so a small community could thrive. And while the technologies and services we offer have changed dramatically since then, we remain focused on solving business challenges, accelerating innovation and last but not least, positively impacting the lives we touch for generations to come.

With Twin Valley, you can gain access to the next generation of IT support. Our team of experts will get to know you and your business to create a realistic IT solution roadmap specific to your needs – from an Internet connection, to a new phone system or the right steps to a rock-solid data backup plan, we’re here to help your business grow.

Keep your business moving

Connected Office

Keeping your business’s technology running smoothly, safeguarding your information, maintaining backups, are all responsibilities that take a lot of your time and attention away from your main focus. Twin Valley Connected Office allows businesses to outsource their IT workload completely or amplify their existing IT department’s abilities. Managed IT services will save you time, reduce risk, and allow you to get your focus back.

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Business internet service from Twin Valley.
A fast and solid connection

Reliable Internet

Internet is as vital to most businesses as electricity and plumbing.  Any more, if you are not connected to the world via an Internet connection you are missing out on significant information for your business and hindering potential customer interaction.  All of which lead to frustrations for your employees and your customers. Twin Valley Business Class Internet removes that problem by providing speeds to meet all your company’s needs at a fair price all with a 99.999% uptime.  This means that when you need the Internet, we will have it ready for you.

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A phone without the fret

Crystal Clear Voice

Hosted Voice from Twin Valley provides businesses with a reliable, affordable and user-friendly way to communicate on the go. Also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Hosted Voice leverages the internet to send and receive calls.  Because of this, you’re able to use advanced calling features that may or may not be available with a more traditional landline service. Communication costs are also greatly reduced with VoIP. Since the Hosted Voice platform sends data over a network connection, you can bypass a traditional communication infrastructure altogether and drastically reduce your initial investment requirements.

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I’ve been using Twin Valley for several years now at both home and work after trying multiple service providers.
Brady B., Superintendent USD 384-Blue Valley, Randolph, KS