Connected Office

Keep your business connected.

Twin Valley Connected Office allows businesses to outsource their IT workload completely, or amplify an existing IT department’s capabilities. With services like data security & backups, hosted voice, and office collaboration tools, we can help you avoid risk and save time. Plus, we customize solutions for each individual business so you get exactly what your business needs to thrive.

How do we do it?


We take the time to assess your unique situation, understand your vision, and lay out a detailed roadmap that can be implemented over time to help you reach your business goals.



With Connected Office you are able to upgrade the environment, equip your workforce with what they need to be successful, and streamline processes that allow your business to save time and be more valuable.


Twin Valley will begin monitoring your network so that you have the time to become proactive, offload day-to-day management and get your focus back.

Areas of Specialization

Managed Services

Real-time IT support to minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation.


Strategic advice from our experts to help with future planning, budgeting and more.

Professional Services

IT projects ranging from solution implementation to custom development.

Hosted Voice

Leverage modern communication features with a cost-effective scalable platform to fit your business.

Ready to get started?

Contact us for a risk-free consultation. We’ll chat about where your strengths and weaknesses are, what IT solutions you should continue managing internally, and where your biggest IT growth opportunities are. Our goal is to help local businesses grow and thrive!

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Tammy Taylor Regional Sales

Our process makes assessing, implementing, and managing your business tech simple. I would love to connect and learn more about your situation to help you reach your business goals.

Brent Dinkel Manhattan

Are you tired of band-aid solutions fixing your IT symptoms? I would love to connect to learn more about your everyday pain points to help grow your business.

Connected Office is more than just solving basic IT problems. They took a problem-solving approach to our entire business and looked for opportunities that would have the largest impact.
Trent J, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan