Microsoft 365+

Skyrocketing Productivity

Did you know?

Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, but the data is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY.

With Twin Valley 365+, you get the support it takes to manage day-to-day user administration while eliminating the worry of data loss, migration issues and mis-configuration. Plus, you get an intelligent online learning platform to continuously improve the way your organization works. It’s everything you know and love about Microsoft 365 plus so much more.

Key Benefits

The Most Powerful Suite of Productivity Tools

Twin Valley 365+ is built on the world’s most powerful and integrated suite of tools that millions of businesses know and depend on every single day – Microsoft 365 Standard.

  • Web and mobile versions of Office apps
  • Desktop versions of Office apps for PC & Mac
  • Email and calendaring
  • Tools to build and manage your business
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Security and compliance
  • File storing and sharing
  • Support and deployment

Stress-Free Email Migrations & Configuration

Migrating your current email to Microsoft 365 and getting it configured properly can be stressful and time-consuming. With Twin Valley 365+, you eliminate that worry altogether. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations successfully migrate and configure their email services. We make the process completely painless.

Support to Avoid the Administrative Nightmare

Good IT resources are scarce – and hard to come by. So, don’t allow their time to be dominated by the day-to-day management that comes with managing users that need these tools.

Data Backup to Put Your Mind at Ease

The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common. But without a shift in mindset, it could have damaging repercussions when this responsibility is left unattended. Twin Valley 365+ includes up to 2TB of data backup of your Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint Data to fill this void.

Intelligent Learning Platform to Transform Your Organization

Did you know the average company wastes 35% of their software spend? Avoid this with Twin Valley 365+ by leveraging the only learning solution that targets users who are hesitant to adopt new technologies. This on-demand library of searchable content is a proven solution to truly change the way organizations work.

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The Connected Office Suite

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Fiber Internet

Our most popular service, with superior fiber-to-the-premise infrastructure, plus exceptional service and 24×7 support.

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Hosted Voice

A reliable, affordable and user-friendly phone system, hosted on our network with high-definition calls over high-speed Internet.

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Managed IT Services

The latest technology, a dedicated team and rock-solid processes: 24×7 network monitoring, alerts, maintenance and updates.

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Safeguard your business. Get a whole team of security experts armed with a state-of-the-art tool that detects and prevents threats.

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Backup & Replication

Eliminate data loss and downtime once and for all – comprehensive backup services to protect you from loss, theft and other disasters.

What is Connected Office?