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Power Your Home’s Tech With the Best Connections Available

Twin Valley’s mission is to connect rural Kansas to the World. Now you can connect with friends and content the way you prefer.  Our phone, Internet and TV solutions are the best value because we focus on fair prices, local customer service, and consistent service delivery. Local, Quality, Value

The world at your fingertips

Reliable Internet

To get the most out of today’s technology, you need reliable and fast Internet service. With Twin Valley’s technology, you can power up all your devices with up to 1,000 megabits per second upload and download speeds. Twin Valley Internet gives you enough bandwidth for everyone in your home to stream movies, download apps, and play games. The average household has 6.5 devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming systems, and TVs. That number is increasing at a very fast rate.

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Stay entertained

Stunning TV

Twin Valley has the perfect TV package for all your favorite entertainment, news, and sports. If you’re into movie channels, you can pick from four different groups of channels to customize a premium channel package. Don’t forget to add on Digital HD  to get the crispest picture your TV can offer! Check out our pricing and availability in your area as well as our channel guide and order today.

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Managed WiFi

With Twin Valley Managed WiFi powered by Plume, you get great services that transform your smart home experience – all delivered from the cloud and enabled by Plume’s SuperPod WiFi access points. Walk room-to-room on a FaceTime call, stream your favorite Twin Valley TV content or download large work files – all at the same time. Using breakthrough cloud-based technology powered by AI, Plume provides you with full strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it.

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Stay Connected

Crystal Clear Voice

When reliable connections and HD quality Voice are a priority, Twin Valley Voice has you covered.  There is a peace of mind in knowing that your phone is going to work every time you pick it up. We understand that and pride ourselves on 99.999% phone uptime.  Whether you need to get ahold of the sitter, grandparent or emergency services, Twin Valley Voice is the answer. Opt for the comfort, reliability, and safety of a landline—your family phone.

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About Twin Valley

Who says you need to live in a big city to enjoy the best in phone, Internet, and TV? As a 4th generation family-owned business with a buy-and-hold strategy, we are fiercely committed to the long-term success of our business. And that means bringing the latest technologies right here to your hometown.

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We would love to hear from you whether it be a random question, solving a problem or inquiring about our services. There are many ways to reach us such as phone, email or online chat. Please choose the most convenient way for you. We will do our best to respond promptly and resolve or answer any questions you may have.